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Intrusion-Aid NGS
Intrusion-Aid NGS is packaged in a 20 pound pail containing (20) 1 pound water soluble bags

Intrusion-Aid® NGS

Intrusion-Aid® NGS is a Grout Fluidifier, per ASTM C937, that is used to create very fluid, yet stable high mobility grout.  Even at high water-to-cement ratios it provides excellent resistance to bleed and pressure filtration (low Kpf values).  

In void filling applications, with low-to-moderate strength requirements, Intrusion-Aid NGS can be used to reduce the cost of cement per volume by allowing for water-to-cement ratios up to 1:1 with 0% bleed.

Intrusion-Aid NGS eliminates the need to use bentonite, natural gums or superplasticizers.  Using just three ingredients (cement, water and NGS) virtually any combination of performance requirements (viscosity, bleed and Kpf value) can be met, without the need for preliminary experimentation.

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