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Intrusion-Aid SCG-M
Intrusion-Aid SCG-M is packaged in a 21 pound pail containing (4) 5.25 pound water soluble bags

Intrusion-Aid® SCG-M

Intrusion-Aid® SCG-M is a high range water reducing Grout Fluidifier with enhanced stabilization characteristics.  It provides highly fluid grout at a low water-to-cement ratio when high compressive strength is required.

Intrusion-Aid SCG-M is especially useful when the aggregate (sand and/or gravel) is manufactured or gap-graded and difficult to hold in suspension.  Improved stability alleviates pumping issues by preventing segregation of aggregate which can cause a build-up in the grout line.

Intrusion-Aid SCG-M reduces or eliminates bleed and compensates for setting shrinkage.  In most cases, it will eliminate the need to use additional water-reducing admixtures in the grout.