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Micro-Aid Image
Micro-Aid is available in a 32 pound bag. One bag will treat between 4 and 8 cu yds of grout.



Micro-Aid improves the pumpability of virtually any cementitious mixture. Pumpability is improved by keeping the mix homogenous and maintaining materials in suspension. No more clogged pumps due to sand or stone falling out of the mix.


Micro-Aid is of great benefit in shotcrete mixes. A homogenous mix pumps better, sprays better and stays on vertical and overhead surfaces with less rebound. Micro-Aid also reduces pump pressures. Less pump pressure means reduced wear and tear on equipment.


Micro-Aid is very helpful in CLSM (Controlled Low Strength Materials) or Back Fill Grout mixes. Quite often low cement/cementitous contents are required so that the Back Fill Grout can be removed in the future by hand digging.


Micro-Aid maintains pumpability of mixes with very low cement or cementitious

content. Mixes have been successfully pumped with as little as 25 pounds of cement per cubic yard. Micro-Aid can also be a benefit in pumping lightweight concrete. It will improve the pumpability while actually reducing the weight too.