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Micro-Aid SP
Micro-Ais SP is packaged in a 21 lb pail containing 4 water-soluble bags
Micro-Aid® SP
Soldier Pile Grouting Additive

Micro-Aid® SP is a grouting admixture specifically designed for use in soldier pile applications being done using an augercast method. Even with low cement content, Micro-Aid SP creates a consistent, pumpable grout with minimal to no segregation or bleeding.


In addition, Micro-Aid SP has significant water retention properties that hold the water in the grout so that beams can freely drop to the bottom of the grouted pile.


A grout mixed with Micro-Aid SP will increase in volume by 10-15%. The added volume creates voids that help to keep compressive strength low for easy excavation as well as hold the materials in suspension.

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