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Grout Fluidifiers


  • Maximum Water Retention
  • The most water retention available for augercast piling in the driest soil conditions


  • The Problem Solver
  • Ensures success in augercast piling  
  • Water reducer with excellent water retentivity, allowing for an increased "window of time" in which to drop a cage 


  • Grout Stabilizer
  • Prevents bleed and segregation in augercast grout
  • Provides a slight amount of water retention


  • A Premium Fluidifier
  • Provides a highly fluid grout with a low dosage rate, thus reducing handling and shipping costs

  • Eliminates the need for any additional admixtures in the grout


  • High Range Water Reducing Grout Fluidifier

  • Enhanced stability to prevent segregation of very fluid grout

  • Especially useful for poorly graded sand that is difficult to keep in suspension


  • The Workhorse
  • Mid Range Water Reducing Grout Fluidifier 

  • Provides a fluid grout with a low dosage rate


  • The Old Stand-By
  • Normal Range Water Reducing Grout Fluidifier

DSC Concentrate

  • Same effectiveness as Standard DSC in a concentrated formula

  • Water soluble packaging eliminates dust


    • For Neat Grout Applications
    • Mid Range Water Reducing Grout Fluidifier

    • Improved stabilization properties designed for a variety of grouting applications



    • Neat Grout Stabilizer
    • Provides stable, non-bleeding, grout at high water-to-cement ratios
    • Excellent resistance to pressure filtration



    • General purpose admixture for cement-sand grouts
    • Provides greater penetration, reduction of mixing water, retardation, minimized bleeding and segregation, and shrinkage compensation (controlled expansion)


    • A grout fluidifier formulated for neat (no sand) cement and cement-fly ash grouts
    • Provides shrinkage compensation, mix- water reduction and retardation to increase penetrability and strength 


    • Specially designed for reduced retardation of set and time-released expansion.    


    • A grout fluidifier in compliance with the Michigan Department of Transportation for tieback grout applications