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Pumping and Shotcrete Aids

Micro-Aid CLS

  • Controlled Low Strength Grouting Admixture
  • Improves pumpability by preventing segregation
  • Specifically designed for Controlled Low Strength grout mixes to allow for future removal

Micro-Aid SP 

  • Soldier Pile Grouting Admixture

  • Improves Pumpability of Mixes with Low Cement Factor
  • Minimizes Bleeding & Segregation – No More Clogged Pumps
  • Less Pump Pressure Needed – Reduced Wear on Pumps
  • Increases Volume - Lower upfront cost
  • Retains Mix Water - Allows the Beam to Drop

Micro-Aid CLS+

  • Provides the maximum amount of stability in lean (low cement content) mixes
  • Especially helpful for Controlled Low Strength mixes when fly ash is not available
  • Allows for the lowest possible strength while maintaining pumpability

Micro-Aid PFR


  • Pumping Aid and Shotcrete Admixture
  • Improves pumpability by maintaining a homogenous mixture

  • Prevents clogging because materials are kept in suspension

  • Reduced wear and tear on equiptment because of reduced pump pressures
  • Excellent for CLSM (Controlled Low Strength Materials) applications
  • Less rebound on vertical and overhead shotcrete applications


Micro-Aid FF

  • Flowable Fill
  • Increases Volume - Lower upfront cost
  • Improves Pumpability of Mixes with Low Cement Factor

Micro-Aid CSE

  • High Early Strength
  • High Ultimate Strength

  • Thixotropic
  • Resistance to bleed and segregation

Micro-Aid UWG

  • Underwater Grouting Admixture
  • Specifically designed for underwater grouting situations