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Specrete develops and manufactures additives for use in many specialty grouting applications with a major emphasis on the deep foundation industry. Our innovative Grout Fluidifiers have been designed to solve many grouting application problems. For example, our Intrusion-Aid "X" products, MAX, SCX and FGX, are used to create a water retentive grout that keeps the mix water from escaping into the dry soil surrounding the pile. Improved water retention solves an industry wide problem of getting cages to drop to the bottom of the augered cast-in-place pile. Please take a moment to watch our video about water retention in augercast piling.


Specrete, formally known as Specrete-IP Incorporated, started as the Concrete Chemicals Division of Intrusion Prepakt. Intrusion Prepakt was one of the innovators of augercast piling and developed a concrete restoration method know as pre-placed aggregate concrete.


In addition to the grout fluidifiers, water reducing admixtures, pumping aids and water retentive admixtures that Specrete manufactures for the augercast piling industry, the company also serves the role of manufacturer's representative for a number of quality product lines in Ohio and surrounding states. These selectively chosen product lines are from leading and innovative companies in the concrete, masonry, restoration, building envelope and waterproofing industries. For more information on the Specrete Representative Lines, please visit www.specretereplines.com.