Water Reduction


Water Reduction

Products that provide water reduction increase the fluidity or workability of grout or concrete.  AllIntrusion-Aid Grout Fluidifiers fall into this category as well as select products from the Micro-Aid and Flo-Aid lines.  Water reduction can be utilized to improve workability, or as the name suggests, reduce the amount of water needed while achieving similar flow characteristics.  Reduction of the water-to-cement ratio leads to an increase in compressive strength.  Water reduction is sometimes categorized by normal, mid, and high range.  High range water reducers are also referred to as superplasticizers. Water reducers are widely used in almost every type of grout or concrete to improve workability and strength. 

Intrusion-Aid MAX

Intrusion-Aid SCX

Intrusion-Aid FGX

Intrusion-Aid SCG-M

Intrusion-Aid SCG

Intrusion-Aid FG

Intrusion-Aid DSC Concentrate

Intrusion-Aid DSC

Intrusion-Aid FG+

Intrusion-Aid NGS

Intrusion-Aid R

Intrusion-Aid LS

Intrusion-Aid AW-91

Intrusion-Aid MDOT-N

Micro-Aid SP

Micro-Aid CSE

Flo-Aid HR

Flo-Aid WR-NCA

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