Specrete has specialized in developing additives for piling from the beginning.  Our team of lab and field technicians can offer expert advice on mix designs and troubleshooting.  Specrete’s piling additives promote fluidity, water retention, stability and pumpability.  Most of these products were developed with specific piling applications in mind.  In the United States, large, drilled piles are typically constructed with sanded grout, although coarse aggregate can be included as well.  Within this group are low strength soldier piles, mid-strength rigid inclusions and high strength ACIP piles.  Smaller, micropiles are typically grouted with neat (unsanded) grout.  The water retentive “X” products in the Intrusion-Aid line keep mix water in the grout for effortless placement of the reinforcing steel.  Micro-Aid CLS and SP are utilized to create pumpable, low-strength grout that is easy to excavate.

Intrusion-Aid MAX

Intrusion-Aid SCX

Intrusion-Aid FGX

Intrusion-Aid SCG-M

Intrusion-Aid SCG

Intrusion-Aid FG

Intrusion-Aid DSC Concentrate

Intrusion-Aid DSC

Micro-Aid CLS

Micro-Aid SP

Micro-Aid CLS+

Flo-Aid EWT

Flo-Aid HR