Flo-Aid™ HR

Flo-Aid HR is a High Range Water Reducing admixture (superplasticizer) that can be used in virtually any concrete or grouting application. It provides high slump and excellent workability while maintaining a low water-to-cement ratio.  The balanced formulation promotes flowable grout and concrete without compromising stability. Flo-Aid HR can be used to create a Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) with virtually no segregation.  Flo-Aid HR has the added benefit of extending the working time of grout or concrete.  Flo-Aid HR meets the requirements of a Type G, water-reducing, high-range and retarding admixture according to ASTM C 494.  Flo-Aid HR is part of a three-product system for tremie concrete.  It is used in combination with Micro-Aid TCA and Flo-Aid HR to meet the recommendations of the EFFC and DFI Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations.




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