High Mobility Grouting


High Mobility Grouting

Fluid, stable grout is the objective in high mobility cementitious grouting applications.  If high strength is required, water-reducing admixtures (superplasticizers) provide fluid grout at low water-to-cement ratios. When strength is not a concern, stabilizing admixtures allow for high water-to-cement ratios with 0% bleed, reducing the cost of cement and providing highly fluid grout.  Pressure filtration resistance is the ability of the grout to retain its mix water, despite high pressure from placement.  Fluid, stable and pressure filtration resistant grouts ensure voids are filled completely, because they are fluid enough to penetrate small apertures, but prevent collections of bleed water or pockets of filtrated water.  All Intrusion-Aid products provide a measure of plastic expansion which compensates for the shrinkage that would occur prior to set.   

Intrusion-Aid FG+

Intrusion-Aid NGS

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