Intrusion-Aid FGX is a cost-effective water retentive Grout Fluidifier, per ASTM C937.  It provides a baseline level of water retention to make it easier to set steel in Augered Cast In Place (ACIP) and Drilled Displacement (DD) grout or concrete.  Water loss can occur whenever augercast grout is placed in sandy or free draining soil conditions, even below the water table.  Intrusion-Aid FGX helps to resist the forces that push or pull mix water out of the grout and into the surrounding soil.  Water retention allows the grout to stay fluid long enough to drop the reinforcing steel.   

Intrusion-Aid FGX improves fluidity, reducing the water/cement ratio and increasing compressive strength. Intrusion-Aid FGX improves the stability of the grout by reducing bleed and preventing segregation. Intrusion-Aid FGX provides a small amount of plastic expansion to completely fill voids and increase pile friction.



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