Tremie Concrete


Tremie Concrete

Specrete offers a complete system of products for use in Tremie Concrete applications.  The DFFC/DFI Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations outlines the ideal properties for a tremie concrete mix.  The three products in the Specrete system address every recommendation and simplify the design process for the contractor and concrete supplier.  Micro-Aid TCA stabilizes to prevent, bleed, pressure filtration and segregation under pressure.  Flo-Aid HR provides fluidity without compromising compressive strength.  Flo-Aid EWT extends the workability so every load of concrete from a day-long pour can be fully integrated.  The three products in the Tremie Concrete Admixture System were developed to work together, and dosages can be adjusted to fine-tune the mix to meet specified properties or accommodate the water demands of the aggregate.  The Specrete lab and field team is available to assist with mix development and approval testing. 

Micro-Aid TCA

Flo-Aid EWT

Flo-Aid HR