Flo-Aid™ EWT

Flo-Aid EWT is a set retarding / set controlling admixture for grout or concrete. Flo-Aid EWT slows the hydration of cement to delay set time and extend the amount of workable time. It can be used to keep the grout or concrete fresh during long transport times from the batch plant to job site. In high temperatures, EWT prevents the grout or concrete from flash setting in equipment. Flo-Aid EWT will not change the initial slump or time of efflux.  Flo-Aid EWT is part of a three-product system for tremie concrete.  It is used in combination with Micro-Aid TCA and Flo-Aid HR to meet the recommendations of the EFFC and DFI Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations.  Flo-Aid EWT meets the requirements of a Type B, retarding admixture according to ASTM C 494.



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