Anti Washout



Anti-washout admixtures create a cohesive mix that prevents disturbance of the cementitious material when grout or concrete is placed in contact with water.  The products in this category can prevent the intrusion of water into a grouted or concreted element.  For example, rigid inclusion or ground improvement piles installed in artesian conditions can be compromised by channels of ground water springing up through the surface of the grout.  Anti-washout admixtures can be used to prevent water from entering the grout and protect the integrity of the pile.  When grout or concrete is being placed directly under water, anti-washout admixtures can be utilized to prevent clouding from cementitious particles mixing with the surrounding water. 

Intrusion-Aid MAX

Intrusion-Aid SCX

Intrusion-Aid NGS

Micro-Aid CLS

Micro-Aid SP

Micro-Aid TCA

Micro-Aid TVM

Micro-Aid CLS+

Micro-Aid UWG