Stability is resistance to segregation of the materials that make up the grout or water.  The difference in specific gravities of these materials can cause the lighter-weight water to rise to the surface while the heavier cementitious particles and aggregate sink to the bottom.  When pumping through hose, unstable grout can segregate, leaving hard packed obstructions in the joints and angles.  Breaking hose to clear a blockage is a sure sign your grout or concrete is separating under pressure and could benefit from a stability improving admixture.  Stability is especially important when cement content is low, but pumpability and fluidity are needed.  It can be challenging to pump low strength soldier pile grout without separation.  Products in the Micro-Aid line can be used to increase stability and improve pumpability.  In the case of neat grout with high water-to-cement ratios, stabilizing admixtures like Intrusion-Aid NGS and Micro-Aid PFR can reduce or eliminate bleed water without the need to use bentonite.  

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