Products in the Intrusion-Aid line of Grout Fluidifiers meet the requirements of ASTM C937 

  • Fluidity: Water reduction for increased workability without compromised strength 
  • Stability: Reduce or eliminate bleed and segregation for improved pumpability 
  • Water Retention: Resist the forces that push or pull mix water from the grout, so it stays fluid long enough to place reinforcing steel. 
  • Shrinkage Compensation: Ensures that voids are filled completely 

Intrusion-Aid MAX

Intrusion-Aid SCX

Intrusion-Aid FGX

Intrusion-Aid SCG-M

Intrusion-Aid SCG

Intrusion-Aid FG

Intrusion-Aid DSC Concentrate

Intrusion-Aid DSC

Intrusion-Aid FG+

Intrusion-Aid NGS

Intrusion-Aid R

Intrusion-Aid LS

Intrusion-Aid AW-91

Intrusion-Aid MDOT-N