Intrusion-Aid MAX provides the maximum amount of water retention available for augercast grout. It resists the forces that cause premature drying and keeps the mix water in the grout. The result is fluid grout that allows the reinforcing steel to fall completely to the bottom of the pile.

Water retention is especially important when any of the following conditions are present: 

  • Dry, sandy, porous or free-draining soil conditions which will pull water from the grout 
  • Piles 70’ or deeper (increased weight of the grout forces water out through the process of pressure filtration) 
  • Long elapsed time between grout-soil contact and placement of the reinforcing steel (grout has more time to dry before the steel falls) 

Intrusion-Aid MAX provides anti-washout properties to prevent intrusion of water in artesian conditions and minimize washout of cementitious material / fines.   

Intrusion-Aid MAX improves fluidity, reducing the water/cement ratio and increasing compressive strength. Intrusion-Aid MAX improves the stability of the grout by reducing bleed and preventing segregation. Intrusion-Aid MAX provides a small amount of plastic expansion to completely fill voids and increase pile friction. Intrusion-Aid MAX is categorized as a Grout Fluidifier per ASTM C 937.


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