Intrusion-Aid SCX is the original water retentive Grout Fluidifier, per ASTM C937.  It provides more water retention than Intrusion-Aid FGX, but less than Intrusion-Aid MAX.  Water retention is an important consideration in ACIP piling because it helps ease the placement of steel cages and center bars.   

When augercast grout is placed in porous soil conditions, it immediately begins to lose its mix water and begins to harden.  This drying action creates a false set and prevents the reinforcing steel from falling to the bottom of the pile, which can lead to costly delays in production.  Intrusion-Aid SCX keeps the mix water in the grout so it stays fluid long enough to drop the steel cage and center bar.  ACIP grout stays fluid longer underground so the rebar falls completely under its own weight.

Intrusion-Aid SCX improves fluidity, reducing the water/cement ratio and increasing compressive strength. Intrusion-Aid SCX improves the stability of the grout by reducing bleed and preventing segregation. Intrusion-Aid SCX provides a small amount of plastic expansion to completely fill voids and increase pile friction. 


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