Set Control


Set Control

The Flo-Aid line is home to most of the set and workability controlling admixtures.  These products accelerate or delay the hardening and setting of the concrete or grout.  The set retarding products slow the hydration of the cement to extend the window of workability in the plastic state.  Set retardation is available with or without water reduction.  Set retarding dosage rates are variable to provide a range of several hours of additional working time.  The accelerating products abbreviate the amount of time in the plastic state and provide high early strength.  Non-chloride accelerators are available with and without water reduction. 

Intrusion-Aid FGX

Intrusion-Aid FG

Micro-Aid CLS

Flo-Aid EWT

Flo-Aid HR

Flo-Aid ACC

Flo-Aid NCA

Flo-Aid WR-NCA